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Pendente Lite


(A) When a divorce action is filed and Pendente Lite hearings are sought, counsel initially shall endeavor to utilize their best efforts to resolve issues pending a final hearing. When such is not possible, counsel shall file with the Court a motion requesting the Court to conduct a Pendente Lite hearing. Where it appears a hearing is necessary, the Court will appoint a Special Master for the purpose of conducting the Pendente Lite hearing, or, at the option of the Court, the Court may schedule the hearing without appointing a Special Master. When Pendente Lite hearings are scheduled, counsel shall endeavor to present his or her entire case within two hours or less, such that each side will be allowed a maximum of sixty minutes for opening, presentation of witnesses, cross-examination of adverse witnesses, and closing arguments. As stated below, counsel shall present written statements in accordance with Appendix D, found on page 7, to these Rules.

(B) Appeals from the decision of the Master will be conducted upon the record of the testimony presented before the Special Master and upon arguments of counsel.

Pendente Lite Forms


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