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Search & Pay Delinquent Property Taxes Online

The Chancery Court Clerk and Master’s Office generally holds one sale per year for delinquent property taxes owed to Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne and Eagleville. The property is sold via an online public auction.

When the list of properties to be sold has been determined, the sale information will be added to this website and the County website. It is usually posted about a month before the sale.

We require cash, cashier’s check, money order or a check drawn on a Tennessee bank by close of business the day following the sale. No financing is available. We will add recording costs to the bid. The sales are advertised in the Murfreesboro DAILY NEWS JOURNAL and The Murfreesboro Post approximately 20 days prior to the sale.

The delinquent taxpayer may pay the amount owed up to 9:30 the day of the sale.

The opening bid is the total amount of taxes, penalties and interest, court costs and publication costs due in this office. The exact amount due may be obtained from the Clerk and Master’s office at to (615) 898-7860 ext 4153 after the sale advertisement has been run. If there are delinquent city taxes, or city or county taxes due that have not been turned over to the office, they will be paid from the proceeds of the sale if there are enough funds left to pay them. If not, those taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser and should be paid as soon as possible.

The property is sold “as is”. A title search is done, but no one from this office or the County attorney’s office views the property prior to the sale. It is your responsibility to research the property before bidding.

The sale is not complete until the Chancellor signs the Decree Confirming Sale. Purchasers will receive a copy of this decree in the mail once it is signed. Our office will prepare and record the deed at that time.

After the sale a person who is entitled to redeem may redeem the property from the purchaser within (1) one year from the date of the Decree Confirming Sale pursuant to T.C.A. § 67-5-2701(b). The purchaser will be refunded the purchase price plus 12 % per annum, which shall begin to accrue on the date the purchaser pays the purchase price to the clerk and continuing until the motion to redeem is filed. The purchaser will also be reimbursed for any taxes that have been paid since the sale and any additional funds, at the purchaser’s demand, as set forth in T.C.A.§ 67-5-2701(e). We advise that no improvements be made on the property during that year, because you may not be reimbursed for your investment.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are taxes turned over to the Chancery Court for collection?
One year following delinquency. For example the taxes that were originally billed in October (or December for the City of Murfreesboro) first become delinquent on March 1. They will be filed in our office by April 1 the following year.


What fees are added when taxes are filed in Chancery Court?
Court costs of $44.00, a 10% attorney fee (of the base tax) and in the case of County taxes only a $75.00 title search fee are added on the date of filing. Interest continues to accrue in the amount of 1.5% per month. Additional costs will be added when suit is filed to sell the property.


What is the mailing address for paying delinquent taxes?
Make checks payable to:
Chancery Court
116 W. Lytle St., Suite 5101
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Please include your parcel account number on the check.


Do you also collect city taxes?
We collect for Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne and Eagleville.


Does your office handle foreclosures?
No. They are not handled by the court system. You will need to contact the mortgage company.


How late do the taxes have to be before they can be sold?
Once the taxes are filed in this office, action may begin to sell the property.


I am interested in purchasing property at a tax sale. How can I be notified of tax sales?
Call our office at (615) 898-7860, ext 4153 to be added to our email notification list. The information will also be posted on this website and the county’s website approximately one month before the sale.


Can I purchase property for back taxes over the counter?
No, not in Tennessee. You must attend the tax sale.


I received a bill for delinquent personal property taxes, but I am no longer in business. Am I responsible for them?
If you were in business as of Jan 1st of that tax year, you are responsible for them. You must notify the tax assessor’s office when you close your business to keep from being assessed each year. If you were not in business at all during that tax year, please contact our office.


What happens to property that does not sell at the tax sale?
The county purchases the property and holds it in inventory for the redemption period. After that point, the county will either use or re-auction the property. For a current listing of these properties from the delinquent tax sale, please visit Inventory Control.


May I make partial payments on taxes filed in Chancery Court.
No. There is no statute allowing this office to accept partial payments.


Can I view/pay my delinquent taxes online?