May I file pleadings by fax?

Yes, pursuant to Local Rule 13 and Rule 5a of the Rules of Civil Procedures, attorneys are allowed to fax file pleadings. However, we are unable to accept petitions, complaints or documents via fax that have an original oath or that require a filing fee.

In order to file via fax, the attorney must fax on the cover page a signed agreement to pay $5.00 plus $1.00 per page to be paid within 5 judicial days.

In order to receive copies by fax, the attorney must fax in a signed agreement agreeing to pay $3.00 plus .50 per page within 5 days.

We are not able to send or receive a fax without the agreement attached. Please remember to include your contact information on the agreements.

The original documents which are duplicates of documents submitted by fax do not need to be filed.

The fax machine will be operational during regular office hours on Judicial Days. Fax transmissions received after 4:15 p.m. will be considered to be filed the following business day. Our fax number is (615) 691-5964.