Order of Protection

Individuals in need of Orders of Protection may contact Domestic Violence to receive free assistance in filing. Their phone number is: (615) 896-7377. If Domestic Violence is unable to assist you and you choose not to hire an attorney, you may request the forms from our office or print the forms off of the Tennessee Administrative Offices of the Court website and represent yourself.

Publications: In cases where an Order of Publication is needed to serve a defendant, the Court requires a summons be issued and service to be attempted at the defendant’s last known address. Upon receipt of the unsuccessful return of service, an affidavit of diligent inquiry should be filed along with return of service. The clerk will prepare an Order of Publication and forward to the appropriate newspaper for a quote. The Daily News Journal offers a flat fee of $225.00 for Adoptions and Divorces. Please contact Lori at (615) 898-7860 for further information.

Orders of Protection Forms